Land & Planning

As a well-funded local developer Laxton Properties is always looking for new development opportunities, both with or without planning permission. 

We place particular emphasis on engaging with neighbours, local councils and other stakeholders to seek to bring about development that has tangible benefits for the wider community, in addition to the delivery of attractive new homes.
However, the planning process is seldom straightforward and we are committed to investing our time, resources and expertise into each project to ensure that permission is granted. 

We only promote sites in which we passionately believe and as a result we will always fight hard to ensure that permission is granted, even if that means taking an application to appeal. To date we have successfully achieved planning permission on all of the development sites that we have put forwards and our commitment to local engagement and good design has consistently helped us to achieve optimised planning consents.

Case Study  Church Lane - Aston Clinton

There are a large number of significant sized developments in Aston Clinton, the majority of which the village and Parish Council are strongly opposed to. As such we were delighted to gain Parish Council support for our Outline Application for residential development at Church Green.
This support came following extensive engagement with the Parish Council and other interested parties; in particular we listened to the local need for a pedestrian crossing on the London Road and we are pleased to be able to provide that within our development proposals.
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